Faces For Radio | TeknoCratik Episode 013


We have taken the podcast to video!

As well as the usual audio show we will now be making available our (usually) uncut Google Hangout as a video podcast on the TeknoCratik Youtube Channel. We decided to do this so that we would be able to review apps and hardware visually on the show and add extra value to the content.

Please bare with us as we are pretty new to video podcasts (although Tim has had a lot of experience in uploading video to Youtube) and we are still figuring out a few things.


This time around we discuss:

Dan’s catastrophic New Year USB Armageddon!

Tim reviews his new Acer C720 Chromebook and his Chromecast.

Steam Streaming Beta: revolutionary or overated?

Tim’s continuing Linux adventure.

Screen casting apps such as VokoScreen and Simple Screen Recorder.

And much more!


Video version:

Chromebooks and Penguins | TeknoCratik Episode 012

teknocratik 0012


We are back with another jam packed episode!


Dan learns The Gimp for some projects he is doing.

Tim moves house and works on his tech support business.


We talk about our thoughts on:

The Humble Store

Linux Mint 16 release

Canonical / Asus Partnership in the US

New Chromebooks

Tim reccomends: F-Droid

Dan reccomends: SuperTuxKart







The Linux Challenge | TeknoCratik Episode 011




A Linux filled episode! Can anybody use it?

Tim starts a tech support business and Dan does it for free. We share some stories.

Tim tries a couple of Linux distributions on his spare hardware and talks about his experiences.

We discuss privacy concerns about the direction that Canonical is taking the Ubuntu desktop.

We now have Amazon Affiliate Chrome and Firefox extensions!





Update: TeknoCratik Firefox and Chrome Extensions Now Available!

Hello all, I hope you’ve been well. I know you’re waiting for the next episode of TeknoCratik to come out soon and fear not, it’s coming. We’ll be recording a guest interview this weekend (unless something happens). :). So stay tuned for that episode coming out. I’ll also be working on moving my podcast recording setup to my Linux Mint setup so that I’m recording (and editing/publishing if needed) podcasts entirely on Open Source Software from now. This is part of my plan to be on open source software within the next couple of years and I’m really excited about doing TeknoCratik podcasts this way.

As I was coming home from my weekend trip, I was listening to some shows from the Jupiter Broadcasting network. More specifically, the Linux Action Show and Linux Unplugged. While the hosts were talking about the latest version of Ubuntu that had been released, I was thinking on how we could generate more support for TeknoCratik. The show isn’t super popular, but I was wondering if we could come up with an easy way for people to support it. That’s when my ears perked up to the hosts talking about their Firefox and Chrome extensions being open sourced. I knew that I just had to see if I could create versions of those for our show.

So, when I got home, I looked up Github and their Firefox and Chrome extensions. And created our own:

Firefox Extension. Click the picture above.

Firefox Extension. Click the picture above to download it from addons.mozilla.org.

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension. Click the picture above to download it from the Chrome Web Store.

These extensions are open source and free for you to modify and use as you please. Please see the license contained in the source code over on github for more information. You can find the source code for each here: Chrome Extension Source Code & Firefox Extension Source Code.

This is something new for me. I have never had the chance to create extensions before mostly because I had never tried. This is really exciting! I didn’t think I could code again after the year I’ve had. But, this little project reminded me how much fun I had coding in Javascript and HTML so I might do it again in the near future. Once I’ve moved and settled in. My plan for the Firefox extension is to have some sort of indicator telling people that the extension is working and to thank them for using it. That’s currently available in the Chrome version but not the FF version. So, I’m going to have to look into how to do that. Plus, the Firefox extension needs to be built in the Firefox Add-On web app so that you don’t have to restart the browser in order to install it. When that’ll happen…I have no clue. But it’ll be fun to try and make it work.

I spent most of last night working on these two extensions. A lot of the work involved figuring out how each extension was built and what the requirements were for each browser. Then debugging the Firefox version as I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working properly. (I accidentally added code that I shouldn’t have >_<). I would say that Chrome is the easier browser to build for and publish to but Firefox isn’t too bad. Once I had each figured out, I tweaked the code so that it applied to TeknoCratik’s codes. What the extensions essentially do is that when you visit any of our affiliate websites such as Amazon.com, they automatically apply our TeknoCratik tag. So that way, when you make purchases on Amazon, we get a reference reward from Amazon and you don’t get charged extra. It’s a win-win really. This extension makes it so that you don’t have to visit TeknoCratik and click on one of our affiliate links just to help support the show.

Will these extensions be built for Internet Explorer or Safari? No. One: I don’t want to support either of those browser. Two: they are proprietary browsers and dealing with their rules will probably be more trouble than it’s worth. Simply put, I’d rather people were using either Firefox or Chrome to browse the web.

Anyway, so go and install these browser extensions and support the TeknoCratik podcast today! The websites we are currently affiliated with are:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon DE

Amazon FR

See you guys on the next TeknoCratik podcast!

TeknoCratik Editorial: King’s Reflection on My Entrance, Experience and Eventual Departure from the Apple Ecosystem…

This is a cross-post from my other blog, A Paladin Without A Crusade. I felt that the subject was worth discussing over here on TeknoCratik. But please bear in mind that this post wasn’t written with the “TeknoCratik voice”. So, it may read differently than normal. Thanks for reading! -KingIsaacLinksr

Apple Inc

Apple Inc

Continue reading

TeknoCratik Episode 10 – What next for mobile?



In this episode we take a look at mobile. We discuss what we would like to see and what may be coming to rock the industry in the future. As well as reviewing what direction we think the big players will take we also take a look at:


The Ubuntu Phone Project

Firefox OS

The Tizen project and Samsung

Phone Bloks





TeknoCratik Episode 08 – Making Music With Rick Moyer


Tim and I are joined once again by good friend, musician, voice over artist, photographer, all round talented guy and fellow podcaster Rick Moyer. Rick tells us how he is getting on with his new Apple Mac studio equipment for his content creation business and even writes a song live on the show!





TeknoCratik Episode 07 – Unclear Windows


Tim and I are joined by our friend Gareth Edwards who discusses his recent purchase of a PC preloaded with Windows 8. How does he find the experience? Listen to find out.

Tim and Gareth also talk about their gaming experiences including the “Let’s Play” YouTube videos they produce of their gameplay.

Gareth’s links: