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Totally Googled | TeknoCratik Episode 014




Tim and I are back after a short hiatus with some new tech!

We review the HTC M8 Android phone, more Chromebook updates and where we are in our Linux adventure.

Other topics:
YouTube to acquire Twitch.TV?
Ubuntu 14,04 LTS
Microsoft – what’s the strategy? Surface 3 and Kinetic being quietly sidelined?
Apple WWDC announcements
Witcher 2 – the embarrassing Linux “release”. to launcher a Steam “competitior”?


Uncut Video version here on YouTube:



Play the edited audio version here below:

Faces For Radio | TeknoCratik Episode 013



We have taken the podcast to video!

As well as the usual audio show we will now be making available our (usually) uncut Google Hangout as a video podcast on the TeknoCratik Youtube Channel. We decided to do this so that we would be able to review apps and hardware visually on the show and add extra value to the content.

Please bare with us as we are pretty new to video podcasts (although Tim has had a lot of experience in uploading video to Youtube) and we are still figuring out a few things.


This time around we discuss:

Dan’s catastrophic New Year USB Armageddon!

Tim reviews his new Acer C720 Chromebook and his Chromecast.

Steam Streaming Beta: revolutionary or overated?

Tim’s continuing Linux adventure.

Screen casting apps such as VokoScreen and Simple Screen Recorder.

And much more!


Video version:

Chromebooks and Penguins | TeknoCratik Episode 012

teknocratik 0012



We are back with another jam packed episode!


Dan learns The Gimp for some projects he is doing.

Tim moves house and works on his tech support business.


We talk about our thoughts on:

The Humble Store

Linux Mint 16 release

Canonical / Asus Partnership in the US

New Chromebooks

Tim reccomends: F-Droid

Dan reccomends: SuperTuxKart







The Linux Challenge | TeknoCratik Episode 011





A Linux filled episode! Can anybody use it?

Tim starts a tech support business and Dan does it for free. We share some stories.

Tim tries a couple of Linux distributions on his spare hardware and talks about his experiences.

We discuss privacy concerns about the direction that Canonical is taking the Ubuntu desktop.

We now have Amazon Affiliate Chrome and Firefox extensions!




TeknoCratik Episode 10 – What next for mobile?




In this episode we take a look at mobile. We discuss what we would like to see and what may be coming to rock the industry in the future. As well as reviewing what direction we think the big players will take we also take a look at:


The Ubuntu Phone Project

Firefox OS

The Tizen project and Samsung

Phone Bloks





TeknoCratik Episode 08 – Making Music With Rick Moyer



Tim and I are joined once again by good friend, musician, voice over artist, photographer, all round talented guy and fellow podcaster Rick Moyer. Rick tells us how he is getting on with his new Apple Mac studio equipment for his content creation business and even writes a song live on the show!





TeknoCratik Episode 07 – Unclear Windows



Tim and I are joined by our friend Gareth Edwards who discusses his recent purchase of a PC preloaded with Windows 8. How does he find the experience? Listen to find out.

Tim and Gareth also talk about their gaming experiences including the “Let’s Play” YouTube videos they produce of their gameplay.

Gareth’s links:






TeknoCratik Episode 05 – What the Facebook?!

Facebook Ad Fail

Facebook Ad Fail


Welcome back to TeknoCratik! Lots to talk about after an extended break from recording including:

 Dan swaps his iPad 2 for a Nexus 7 becoming “Apple free”.

Tim tries Linux on his spare PC, Dan goes back to Ubuntu on his production machine.

We talk about phone upgrades. Tim considering moving to Android.

 Google banning ad block apps from the Play store.

Apple ban sweatshop game from app store.

App stores restrictions, the difference between Apple and Google.

Tim moves his music library from iTunes to Google Play Music and talks about the experience and functionality.

 The Samsung Galaxy S4 – first impressions. Are Samsung trying to be the next Apple?

 CyanogenMod custom ROM versus manufacturers versions of Android

 When advertising goes too far, Facebook and frowned upon practises.

 Google announces it is discontinuing Google Reader.

App picks

 Plume Twitter client for Android, great for Facebook too. Flipboard gets a great update on iOS.

The GIMP (cross platform)

AirDroid for Android

MightyText for Android

gMusic for iOS

Week Calendar HD for iOS


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