Review: Air Video for iOS

iPhones and iPads only get a maximum of 64 GBs of space to store all your stuff.  16-64 GBs can usually handle most of our stuff that we need on a daily basis, except for videos.  Apple does provide TV/Movies via iTunes in iCloud, but what if your library consists of videos that aren’t from iTunes?  And you have a really large library of movies/episodes that you don’t want to sync to your device?  Well, there is an app for that and this time we are going to review the app “Air Video” by InMethod s.r.o.

Air Video is an app that lets you stream your entire library from your PC/Mac over your local area connection and Internet.  Air Video uses a Windows/Mac app from the main website The app does require some setup with your router and port forwarding.  Feature wise, the app comes with quite a few.  It includes airplay, subtitle reading, live conversion of videos, video zoom and settings for the resolution of the videos as well.  It also allows you to convert your video files into an iPhone/iPad friendly format which you can sync onto device, this is handy for those with exotic formats like MKV or AVI.  If you have a native format that iOS devices can play, the app can play them without any conversion needed.  However, the app cannot stream DRM videos such as the ones sold from iTunes.  Otherwise, this app is pretty simple in its idea but executes it very well.  The setup is fairly straightforward, the UI looks good and it comes with a good feature and setting set.

iPad look and features

iPhone look and features

Developer support has been solid for the app, and it has been kept up to date with iOS 5.  At this time, I don’t have any features that come to mind that this app could benefit from.  I have never interacted with their email support so I cannot say if it is good or bad.  For as long as I have had the app, it has never had any bugs/crashing or other performance issues.

As far as my experience with this app goes, its quite good.  I am glad that the app provides a lot of options as far as streaming goes because standard options would not have worked on my setup.  Once you get the apps all setup, the app works like a charm.  The app is well built and I like that they built their own UI into the app rather than leaning on the “norm”.  The cost of $2.99 is ridiculously cheap for the usability of this app, especially if your a big video buff.  However, if your going to run into any trouble with the app, its setting up the companion app and the iOS apps and getting them to communicate with each other.  I would recommend getting the free version of the app first and making sure that it works before buying the app.  With all the different router configurations out there, there is bound to be one that will prevent Air Video from working properly.  Besides that, the app achieves what it set out to do, providing streaming for ridiculously large video libraries on our PCs straight to our mobile devices.

Air Video is available on the iOS store for free (limited number of displayed items per folder) and $2.99.  It is a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  The app requires a companion app for Windows and Mac.  It has an average of 4.5 stars from user reviews.  There are no other in-app purchases in Air Video as of the writing of this review.


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Video footage is from Clear Skies

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