Hi, I’m Daniel Vieira (Dangelus) and TeknoCratik is an attempt to chronicle the our interest in computers, digital media and entertainment. This covers hardware, software, gaming, mobile apps and various tools and gadgets. Here you find find an irregular podcast, YouTube reviews and tutorials, handy tips and lots of personal opinions. TeknoCratik is a podcast and blog about technology that’s not technical. We are not I.T. experts and only provide a personal opinion on what we talk about.

I’ve had a keen interest in computing and multimedia for many years, contributed to and sought lots of help from various resources on the internet. I’m a Linux user on the PC and and Android user on mobile although I have previously been extensively in the Windows and iOS ecosystems.

We live in an interesting time in technology and entertainment that has a constantly shifting landscape. Here we try and put this world to rights with very frank discussion.



Hi, I’m Timothy “KingIsaacLinksr” Wetzel. I’m an IT Technician and Internet Content Creator. When I’m not running my own blog, I’m working with Dan on the TeknoCratik blog and podcast. I’m also busy helping out people with their technology problems. There is so much to discuss about in the technology world that my blog has never felt enough. So, I gladly joined TeknoCratik when Dan offered the role of co-host. I’m here to give my perspective and opinions on the latest gadget and hold no flag for any company, whether it be Google, Apple, Microsoft or anyone else.

I’ve had an interest in technology for much of my life. My experience has included Windows 95 all the way up to 7 (and 8 if you really want to acknowledge that OS). I’ve built several of my own desktop as well as own a Samsung S3 and iPad, giving me an interesting view on both Windows, Android and Apple. My current goal is to go completely open-source/freeware in the next couple of years. Which includes moving over to Linux OS at some point. I’m also a core gamer, explore the internet and real life as much as I can. I sincerely hope you enjoy the content I put on the blog! You can follow me on other places from the following links:

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