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Chromebooks and Penguins | TeknoCratik Episode 012

teknocratik 0012



We are back with another jam packed episode!


Dan learns The Gimp for some projects he is doing.

Tim moves house and works on his tech support business.


We talk about our thoughts on:

The Humble Store

Linux Mint 16 release

Canonical / Asus Partnership in the US

New Chromebooks

Tim reccomends: F-Droid

Dan reccomends: SuperTuxKart







UnoDNS – Watch Geo-targeted US content like Hulu and Netflix from the UK


UnoDNS from UnoTelly.com is a great way to access internet content that would normally be “geo-targeted” (restricted to you based on your location), such as Hulu, Netflix and Pandora radio.


There are basically only a handful of options when it comes to gaining access to geo-targeted websites. You either go the VPN or Proxy route or the DNS route. Proxies (especially free ones) can usually be ruled out straight away when it comes to streaming high quality video since they usually won’t have the required bandwidth to achieve a decent and stable stream. A VPN requires you to use a totally separate IP to “piggy back” on and with this comes the limitations of that network meaning even if your home ISP is super high speed is won’t matter, all that matters is the speed and reliability of your chosen VPN provider.


This is where a service like UnoDNS becomes a very attractive solution. Instead of having to tunnel through using a completely separate network the service alters the DNS (Domain Name System) settings of your existing network connection provided by your own ISP. This means you continue to use and take advantage of the stable high speed connection you are already used to, local services from your ISP that rely on detecting your IP address will still work as well.


I have been testing the UnoDNS service and I’m impressed. Within minutes I had access to US restricted websites and services but most importantly I didn’t lose the ability to use local UK services such as BBC iplayer. If I had been using a VPN service I would need to constantly switch off the service to use these.

Their service is structured slightly different to similar services such as Unblock-US in a couple of ways.

Firstly, instead of just offering a standard subscription to access the service they offer tiered services. The tiered model is broken down into “channels” of internet content that the service will allow you to access and what’s interesting about UnoDNS is comparison to their competitors is they have a basic tier of websites that you can access for free. $4.95 per month gives you access their Premium service that includes the Hulu and Netflix and the $7.95 Gold service adds another whole group of mostly US network content. They also offer an 8 day free trial on the Gold subscription.

Secondly, which I think is a great feature, is that you can migrate the service to different locations temporarily like a friends house or a holiday home. The service works by logging your home IP address and only allows you access via this address. This is how most of these services work to ensure you are using it fairly and not sharing your account with a friend for example. If you were to take your laptop to your friends house to watch a bit of Hulu for example and logged into their network then since the IP would be different the service would stop working. UnoDNS actually allow you to register multi IP addresses to your account so that you can use the service when your on the move by simply switching them over in your account settings.


How easy is it to use? Once you have an account the service only requires that you change some basic network settings and you will be up and running in minutes. The advantage of the service being so simple for the user is that these DNS settings are alterable network settings in the majority of multimedia devices such as the Xbox 360, PS3 and the Apple TV which means the service is fully compatible with these too with full set up instructions are available on the website.



TeknoCratik have teamed up with UnoDNS to offer a limited number of our readers 25% OFF any paid subscription. All you need to do to be eligible is to tweet a link to this post using the hashtag #UnoDNS making sure you include a reply to @teknocratik. In the mean time give the free trial a whirl.



XBMC Eden Beta 3 for iOS on the iPad 2

The main XBMC app menu screen running on an iPad 2


Very few Home Theatre PC or digital media enthusiasts would disagree that the XBMC cross platform media centre software does a superb job of giving you the ultimate in functionality. The only exception to this would be the in the DVR space, where they are frustratingly lacking support.

As a huge supporter of XBMC when I heard that it had been ported to iOS I was ecstatic. Of course with XBMC being such an open system there was very little doubt that it would ever pass Apple’s stringent regulations for inclusion in the App Store therefore it would only be available to “Jailbroken” iOS devices. At the time my only iOS device was my iPhone 3GS and although I had jailbroken it in the past I only did it because I’m a tinkerer. This time I had a great reason to do it as I wanted to see how XBMC worked on an iPhone. I installed it and I hated it. The reason being that at the time it was a straight port right down to the standard desktop skin. It was totally unusable in my opinion.

Well how things have moved on! Being the proud owner of an iPad 2 and with the recent ability to Jailbreak the device totally untethered I decided to give XBMC for iOS one more try and I’m so glad I did. The app has now been updated to run the latest beta version of the software, “Eden” and even comes by default with a fantastically design skin called “Touched” which is simplistic yet very functional and as the name suggests, is specifically designed to complement a touch interface. No doubt this will be the skin of choice when installing XBMC on the upcoming Windows 8 tablets.

From what I can tell XBMC for iOS has the exact same functionality to the regular PC version. Within minutes I had connected it to my video library on my desktop PC via a network share and also installed addons for BBC iPlayer and Hulu. Video playback of video library content I can only describe as phenomenal and it had no issues playing back 720p MKVs. The picture was pristine. The same can be said for playback via streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Hulu.

If you have an iPad 2 and would love to have the ability to have access to a huge variety of media from a practically unlimited choice of sources and are considering jailbreaking then I could not recommend installing XBMC enough. You will not regret it.

TV shows in Library mode


Settings menu


BBC iPlayer in action


Hulu in action


Ability to add user profiles – a very useful feature